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Contoh Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter   biasanya diperlukan untuk mengikuti kegiatan pelatihan, terutama yang dilakukan oleh Qitep In Science. Berikut merupakan salah satu contohnya.

Mendoyo, 25 April 2017
Committee of Training Reguler
This motivation letter, I wrote  to expression my interest with Training Reguler SEAMEO QITEP IN SCIENCE 2017. I believe, myselft is deserved and interested to register.
            I interested to join this training, because I am a teacher in elementary school. In school, I must teach about science. So, I always improve my competences.  If I have good competences, certainly I can teach my students well. My aim to join this training is to improve my knowledge about “Environmental Education for Sustainable Development” and to have a new experience. In future, I will apply my knowledge in my class.
            I think that’s all. Thank you for attention.


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